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The Tuscan Taste is the virtual window of the best Tuscan agri-food companies
A place where to find the companies and the products that embody the top of the line of our traditions and our land.
The Tuscan Taste is the network of the best Tuscan agri-food, the website where visitors from all over the world can find and get to know the best of the Made in Tuscany.
A palette with thousands of colors, enriched by a waterfall of flavors, aromas, shapes and very many stories to tell.

What is Tuscan Taste?
It is the Tuscany of good food, of that authentic and healthy conviviality born out of the love for the ingredients, the natural processing and the unlimited passion for quality that finds in the tradition a constant incentive to renew itself.
It is the Tuscany of the best of the agri-food products, of the many companies that embody and interpret the history and the culture of the territory.
It is the Tuscany of Taste.

What we are presenting is a virtual window that aims to offer a promotional tool, easy and user friendly to get in touch with those top-of-the-line companies and products. A platform useful not only to the professionals who operate in the high-quality wine and food industries, but also to the final consumers.
Inside The Tuscan Taste you can browse 8 macro categories: Wine, Beer and Spirits | Olive Oil and Vinegar | Confectionery | Preserves and Jams |Meats and Charcuterie | Cheese and Dairy Products | Bread and Baked Goods | Fish Products
Each macro category is a container housing top-of-the-line products: a catalogue of companies and products, constantly updated, with detailed product data sheets accompanied with technical specifications, forms to request information, catalogues and downloadable materials.
The users can get in contact directly with the companies, ask for information and create personalized proposals together: a true and true platform for virtual B2B meetings.