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The panficato of the isle of Giglio

The Panficato (bread with figs) was created in Giglio Castello around the sixteenth century. It was made with the simple ingredients that the island offered: dark, small figs called “neruccioli” softened in the vinella, chopped and mixed with orange peels and dried and fresh fruit. Between 1543 and 1544, the island was ransacked by the Ottoman fleet led by Admiral Khair Ed Din, known as Barbarossa, and its inhabitants were killed or deported as slaves, leaving the island deserted for a long time. After a few decades the Medici, the Lords of Tuscany, decided to repopulate the island with people from various walks of life and origins. These new residents brought with them their traditions and rediscovered these sweets enriching them with the addition of chocolate, cocoa and spices. It is a Christmas cake, now produced and marketed all year round. It is a very laborious dessert starting with the preparation of its ingredients. From the combination of many flavors, melting together, you get a mixture with a very particular, intense flavor and an aroma that improves after 3-4 months of aging. The biscuits that do not contain eggs and or yeast are cut into thin wedges or slices. 18-month shelf life in its unopened packaging. After opening, in case of partial consumption, wrap the package with cling film. Storage at room temperature in a cool, dry place. Exposure to the sun or direct light of spotlights could alter both their appearance and flavor.
Dried figs (60%)
Peeled and toasted almonds
Extra dark chocolate
Quince jelly
Ansonaco Wine
Bitter cocoa
Granulated sugar
Wheat flour type 0
Organic or untreated orange peel
Strega Liqueur
Natural sea salt
It does not contain eggs, yeast, dyes or preservatives.
200g. per piece.

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